Nawarat Bridge is no doubt the most famous bridge in Chiang Mai. Over the River Ping, the bridge  connects Charoen Muang Road on the east bank with Tapae Road on the west bank to form a signicant strip that has long had a significant role in city's economic growth.  Despite the fact that Nawarat Bridge was an impressive large teakwood bridge in years gone by, it was not the first bridge over the River Ping in Chiang Mai. What went down in history as the very first bridge ever built across the River Ping turned out to be a small bridge... Read More


Chiang Mai – a World Heritage Site?

The promotion of Chiang Mai as a UNESCO World Heritage Site has been the subject of much discussion in recent months. So, it seems an opportune time for COMPASS Magazine to sit down with Prof. Dr. Woralun Boonyasurat, the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, who also holds the position as chairperson of the Chiang Mai Historical Site Conservation and Development Project for the World Heritage Model Action Plan. First and foremost, we asked her about the possibility of Chiang Mai finally being recognized as a World Heritage... Read More


Dance for the Ghost

Ghost Dance is a ritual performed in Lanna to worship ancient ancesters and extend gratitude to the forebears. The highlights of the ritual are sumptuous food offerings and worship dances which are featured in 4 different types; Dance for the Grand Ghost, Dance for the Protector Ghost, Dance for the Motherhood Ghost and Dance for the Wedlock Ghosts. Dance for the Grand Ghost is dedicated to the spirits of the chiefs, masters,  rulers and legendary figures who once protected the town.  The feast for the ghosts takes place at the... Read More


Chiang Mai's Best Opportunity to Become a World Heritage City

Interview : Mrs.Suwaree Wongkongkaew is the director of Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Centre, and a member of the working group which is responsible for Chiang Mai’s bid to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Q: Why has it come about now that Chiang Mai is bidding to be a World Heritage Site? A: I think one of the things that the people of Chiang Mai and the working group have perceived together is that our city is changing rapidly – physically, socially and economically. These changes are both beneficial and at times inappropriate.... Read More